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Deck restoration and deck staining. We will cover surrounding areas with tarps and plastic. Determine what furniture to remove. Then assess the right method for the type of deck or wood you have. We hand-brush "detail sections" such as spindles or stair rails. Employ spray applicator methods as needed or desired. We will recommend power washing services before staining. When there is mold and dirt to remove. We will use high-quality wood cleaners. This is to ensure maximum adhesion of the sealer to the surface. To protect your investment you must finish the deck surfaces. Proper preparation and application is key. A deck coating system will improve the appearance. It will extend the life of your deck. Our Services Include: Deck Cleaning, Power Washing, and Deck Stripping. Fence Power Washing, or Fence Staining, Painting and Sealing. House Power Washing, Walkways, Driveways, Patios, Concrete, and Brick.

Unprotected wood structures, like decks, fences, and gates will discolor. They mildew, and devalue your property over time. Protect your fence, deck, arbor, patio, gazebo, or other wood elements. Done with NorthCraft stain and seal service. Our staining services process helps ensure longevity. That your deck and wood structure will last longer. While enhancing the look and value of your property. Cleaning and sealing your wood deck is a rewarding but arduous task. In our experience, we’ve seen customers and contractors try to clean their deck. Seen using high pressure washing with the wrong techniques and equipment. It’s a mistake that cannot be undone. This could damage your deck to the point of replacement. We demonstrate several differences. Between using a high quality stain to create a stunning outdoor wood deck.

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In a survey conducted by This Old House, 57% of homeowners cited improving the appearance of their deck as their primary motivation for staining (source: This Old House).


According to AHFA they found that 48% of homeowners who had undertaken a deck renovation project had stained or painted their deck as part of their maintenance (source: AHFA).


A homeowner with a properly maintained and stained deck can increase a home's value by up to 10% according to a study done by HGTV (source: HGTV).

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Pressure cleaning is one of the most affordable ways to increase a home's value. At the same time, restoring and extending its life by removing harmful dust, dirt, mold and mildew. NorthCraft Deck Staining Services in Illinois. Specializing in deck staining and exterior house washing. Wood and deck restoration. Concrete and brick cleaning. As well as the trust from a professional cleaning company. Don't overlook the many benefits of pressure washing. Consult with an experienced cleaning contractor to protect your residential or commercial property. Power Washing - Deck Cleaning - Deck Staining - Driveway Cleaning Service.

Deck restoration will help you to maintain the investment you've made in your home. Your deck is an outdoor extension of your house, providing you the space to both relax and entertain friends. A knowledgeable deck cleaning professional can restore your decks beauty. Applying a protective finish, which will more than double the lifetime of an untreated deck. A deck is a nice upgrade to your home. It looks great it adds additional luxury for outdoor living. Wood deck staining provides great protection against the sun, rain, mold, and mildew which can lead to rotting wood. Protect the wood on your deck.

If you want a deck to last as long as possible, it's essential to have a maintenance plan. This plan should include thoroughly cleaning, staining, and/or sealing your deck. This type of upkeep will ensure your deck remains structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Even an older deck can look brand new with the right help. Our deck cleaning and staining techniques can restore your wood deck back to new. Because your deck is exposed to the elements, debris such as mold, mildew and dirt accumulate on it. Without regular cleaning, these and other natural corrosives build up. They will eat away at any existing sealant and eventually the wood itself.

The best way is to remove any buildup on the deck. You can increase its life span is by having it power washed and sealed. We care about getting each deck cleaned right for our clients. We have worked with chemists to develop a superior step process to clean and seal your deck. Wood decks take an incredible amount of abuse. The Sun, rain, dirt, and foot traffic because it is a horizontal surface. Over time the harsh effects of weather will naturally oxidize the surface of the wood. Giving it a gray color appearance. Sun and moisture can cause inferior deck coatings to fail prematurely. Staining and sealing your deck conditions, moisturizes and protects your wood from these harmful elements.

We seal your deck with a sealant. Done to block not only the surface of your wood but also the pores. This prevents debris from seeping in and allows you to go longer between cleanings. Reviving the natural wood on your deck may include removing mold, mildew, and the gray oxidation color. Gray is a result of natural weathering and exposure to the elements. The most effective way to remove common types of discoloration is by using a cleaner. The damaging effects of sun, precipitation and temperature extremes on exposed unprotected wood begin immediately and last forever. Morning dew, rainwater and melting ice or snow are quickly absorbed. Soaked into unprotected wood, causing it to soften and swell. Unprotected wood is also subject to surface graying caused by constant exposure to the sun. Excess moisture exposure creates ripe conditions for the growth of mildew, mold, algae and other fungal organisms. They feed on wood, eventually spreading across and discoloring the surface.

Whether its deck cleaning and sealing. Fence restoration, or cleaning and staining of gazebos. Pergolas or any other wooden structure exposed to the elements. NorthCraft is your answer. Call a deck cleaning and staining company that specializes in this type of work. At NorthCraft we aim to be seen as the masters of deck restoration. We know the proper methods to safely strip existing stains from decks. This effectively neutralize our cleaning chemistry. Done to apply long lasting protection to your valuable assets. We use a high grade, commercial, deep penetrating stain. An initial inspection of the deck surface will give us insight. Knowing what deck restoration and staining process will be required.

The entire deck gets cleaned with a high-pressure power wash. Deck washing leaves a clean surface for the new stain. Able to penetrate into while helping brighten the wood. A complete and thorough high-pressure washing is imperative if you want a finish which will last. Specializing in Cedar Deck Staining, Maintenance, Restoration and Repairs. We also stain porch railings and posts. Patios, porch decks, and fences. Gazebos and pergolas. Kids playground equipment, and other outdoor wood and composite materials. Whether your deck is like new or showing the effects of weather damage and age. NorthCraft can transform it into the deck you have always dreamed of. Staining and sealing your deck can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Best left up to the pros. So let our experienced team of professionals help. We offer a wide variety of products and solutions. Our products preserve and protect your deck or fence for years to come.

Correctly applied, stain finishes will provide a true, flat finish that enhances the beauty of the wood surface. Semi-transparent stains offer a variety of tints that allow the grain and texture of wood to show through. In contrast, solid-color stains are heavily pigmented. These stains cover the wood grain, but do not cover its texture. Solid-color stains also provide more protection from the sun's UV rays. Your deck is a place to relax and entertain your family and friends. However, if your deck is peeling or faded, it can be an eyesore. That keeps you from utilizing this great entertaining space. You should feel proud to show off the beautiful finishes of your deck and home. Make a commitment to improve your home and protect your investments, contact NorthCraft for a free estimate. We perform the highest quality deck staining in Illinois.

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At NorthCraft Deck Staining Service, we take great pride in each and every deck we do. If we're not satisfied, the jobs not done. We provide the following services. Deck Building and Deck Maintenance. Deck Repairs. Professional Cleaning and Sealing. Staining of Wood Decks. Fence Staining. Gazebos and Pergolas. Painting and Staining. Restoration and Preservation. Exterior House Washing. Concrete Cleaning.

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Cleaning decks is the most popular pressure washing service. Especially for any contractor in the power washing business. It is an important step for proper deck maintenance. If your wood deck hasn't been cleaned, you need to consider. Having it cleaned and sealed before the wood becomes damaged. Restoring decks is easy if the wood is in good condition. It can save you thousands in replacement costs if deck restorations are done regularly.

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NorthCraft Deck Services provides premium deck staining, cleaning and pressure washing services to customers across Illinois. Our experienced team of deck professionals can protect your deck. Done while maintaining the wood's natural beauty, whether pine, redwood or cedar. Whether for an existing deck or any newly installed exterior wood surface. Before any stain or weatherproofing product is applied. We use the best available products. Products that enable your deck to withstand the elements and provide years of beautiful enjoyment. We stain wood fences, garage doors, decks, pergolas, play structures & more! Our fence staining service will beautify, protect and preserve your wood fence. All while saving you the money of having to replace it.

To be considered a leader in the deck staining industry, we always use the highest quality wood staining brands. This ensures that your deck not only looks great but will withstand the heat we experience each year. Not only do we use amazing brands. We also use high-quality equipment. This is to ensure we get the job done right every single time. Staining a new deck or fence not only adds some color. Also the stain also protects the wood from the weather. Painting a weathered deck or fence gives it a fresh look and may also extend its life. Here at NorthCraft, our team is highly skilled and capable of staining your deck or fence. Protect against the elements and extend the life of your wood.

In addition to complete deck refinishing services. You can count on us for pressure washing, fence painting, and gazebo painting. We can help you transform your home or business, and keep it looking sharp for years to come. A thorough preparation of the surfaces is essential to a lasting and quality job. Our deep cleaning will produce a surface that our high quality stains and sealers can soak into. We will remove molds, mildews, dirt, and grime revealing the natural beauty of your wood. We use cleaners and strippers to get the surface ready. Then remove any old stain and previous coatings when needed. We follow up the cleaning and stripping with a brightening agent. This returns your wood to a “like new again” look. It prepares the wood for maximum stain adherence and penetration. We offer both natural transparent and solid body stain finishes. NorthCraft Deck offers a complete service. We can take care of any rotten wood or repairs. Repairs need completing prior to the cleaning and staining process. Let us handle all of your deck staining needs.

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Our proprietary deck staining and cleaning is sure to be the year's most talked about home improvement option.

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The same award winning quality can be applied to fences, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, and other outdoor wood areas.

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We are not limited to staining and sealing. We can pressure wash clean just about any surface imaginable back to new.

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Looking to add more to your home. Paver sealing is a excellent choice to add outside appeal this year and season.

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