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Choosing the right stain for your deck is crucial for achieving the desired look and level of protection. There are many different types of stains available, including semi-transparent, solid, and clear stains. Each type of stain offers different benefits, such as increased UV protection or a more natural look. Our professional deck staining service can help you choose the best stain for your specific needs.

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The benefit of hiring our deck cleaning service in Northbrook is the level of customization available. Different types of decks require different types of cleaning solutions and techniques. A professional service will take the time to assess your deck and determine the best approach to cleaning it. They can also provide advice on how to maintain your deck after cleaning to keep it looking its best.

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We offer a full range of deck cleaning services to keep you new or existing deck looking beautiful. For our decks we always use top of the line products. We have an exclusive relationship with our suppliers to keep the cost down for our customers. If your wood is old or new, a fresh cleaning will always extend the life of your deck.

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"Whether your project is a deck, gazebo, pergola or a fence. NorthCraft has the requisite skills and experience to do the job right the first time.-GCEC"

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Northbrook, Illinois (60065) is located in Cook County and was established in 1901. Northbrook nickname is Shermerville and their Motto is "Shermerville" had a negative reputation. Visit their website at: Northbrook

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Deck staining is not a DIY task because if it’s not done correctly, you will end up spending more money to have it corrected than if you hired a professional Northbrook deck painting company to start with. Before any staining is done, the painting contractor will do a thorough deck cleaning job. At NorthCraft, our professionally trained painters will stain and, as needed, deck cleaning and scrub techniques with cleaning additives to ensure the deck stain will penetrate when applied.

If you own a deck and are looking for professional deck refinishing, you need the NorthCraft team. We offer excellent deck restoration services, along with various other kinds of wood treatment and maintenance, to ensure your outdoor space doesn't just look good, but functional too.

Wooden deck and gazebos are exposed to the elements on all sides, resulting in expansion and contraction, and thus wear and tear, at a much greater rate than other wooden structures. Annual application of wooden deck stain and sealer protects your deck and maintains its aesthetic appeal while also being cost effective over time.

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Staining a nice wood deck in Northbrook is a considerable investment. To protect your investment, you need periodic deck refinishing and staining. That’s the best way to protect your deck from weather extremes and daily wear and tear. By keeping your deck in good condition, you ensure both the beauty and safety of this extension of your home.

Sure, you can start the deck staining process yourself, but more often than not it will be hard to complete on your own without the right guidance. NorthCraft and its deck staining professionals is indeed an important aspect of deck maintenance, and it’s something that will help breathe new life into your deck. Yes, it might be time-consuming and tedious at times, but this is well worth the effort. And the best part is that staining your deck is not that expensive either. So you can indeed get the best value for your money, just gives us a call and schedule a free quote appointment.

While the open nature of a deck is part of its appeal, this openness also means that your deck is exposed to the harmful impact of the outdoors. Without proper deck maintenance, this exposure can cause serious lasting damage. The experts at NorthCraft Deck Staining offer a slew of deck maintenance services, including deck sanding, to ensure that your deck gets the attention it needs in order to avoid damage and always look its best. Regular maintenance is the only way to make sure your deck remains well intact, well kept, and inviting.

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Our team of professional deck painters and carpenters is equipped with the best, high-quality paints, sealants, and primers, and are motivated to ensure that your outdoor space is ready for use and properly protected against the elements. We're efficient, affordable, and passionate about getting your deck cleaning and staining job done right.

Is it better to spray or roll deck stain?

Starting your staining process by spraying is often the way to go, as long as you implement the proper technique. Spraying your deck stain from the get-go allows you to cover even more area than rolling does and also reach those tighter spaces and provide an even finish.

Why Do You Need Deck Staining Services?

NorthCraft Deck Staining has mastered our technique to ensure that we are adding value to your home, and so you can enjoy your newly stained Northbrook deck for many barbecues to come. With 20 years in the deck painting industry, we know that adding too much stain can cause your deck to peel or crack when it's exposed to the moisture of the outdoors. We effectively work the stain right into the wood fibers. First, we will heavily coat the entire wood surface, then brush a few boards at a time from one end to the other to ensure the strokes are smooth and to avoid any lap marks.

For deck staining, we know that the deck is an extension of your home. It can possibly be the first thing someone sees when entering your home in Northbrook. Sadly though, overtime, through the weather and years, decks and arbors will later show their true age through chips in the paint, wear and tear, and soon look faded and outdated. Instead of replacing your deck and taking extra time and money to install a new one, our deck staining services are an easy solution to extend the longevity of your deck and pergola.

If you or your current deck staining company just cleans your deck and then applies a coat of stain you are not going to get the proper life from your deck. Our weather is really hard on decks with snow and thaw in the Winter and the harsh sun in the Summer. Wood naturally traps dirt and other impurities. So, before you apply another coat of stain you first need to remove all the grime so the wood can fully accept the stain deep down not just on the surface. We cannot overstate the importance of a deep, deep clean of the wood before the stain is applied.

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Suppose you don’t know what tasks or deck care services you would need to get. You can always ask our expert team here at NorthCraft if you want to know about the exemplary professional maintenance service for your decks. Our team’s priority is to provide you with beneficial results, and also, we don’t want to tarnish our name. That is why we would always offer the best solution for your deck maintenance needs. When you call us, we don’t offer advice and give you free quotes and estimates for the service you need.

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