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In addition to choosing the right stain, it's important to properly prepare your deck for staining. This involves cleaning your deck and ensuring it's free of dirt, debris, and mildew. Our deck staining service will take the time to thoroughly clean your deck before applying the stain. This ensures that the stain adheres properly and lasts as long as possible.

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If you're a homeowner in Inverness, deck cleaning is an important part of maintaining your deck. With the help of our professional deck cleaning service in Inverness, you can ensure that your deck remains safe, healthy, and beautiful for years to come. By choosing a reputable service that understands the unique challenges of the area, you can rest assured that your deck is in good hands. Whether you're looking to prepare your deck for staining or simply want to keep it looking its best, our company can help.

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We offer a full range of deck cleaning services to keep you new or existing deck looking beautiful. For our decks we always use top of the line products. We have an exclusive relationship with our suppliers to keep the cost down for our customers. If your wood is old or new, a fresh cleaning will always extend the life of your deck.

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"Whether your project is a deck, gazebo, pergola or a fence. NorthCraft has the requisite skills and experience to do the job right the first time.-GCEC"

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Inverness, Illinois (60010) is located in Lake County and was established in 1836. Inverness nickname is Tree City and their Motto is The Village with a Heritage. Visit their website at: Inverness

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Our team of professional, experienced Inverness deck staining contractors have been providing homeowners throughout the region with convenient, affordable, and always dependable deck staining services for years. We sought to distinguish ourselves by our commitment to providing the finest quality results that can be found anywhere and are proud to say that for countless homeowners done just that. To save the quality, value, safety, and beauty of your home’s deck this season, turn to the expertise of your local deck.

With previously treated decks, we use an environmentally friendly chemical process to strip the deck of any residual stains. We do this to ensure the new sealer is able to penetrate properly. Our pressure washers are specially calibrated for decking. Any stain is stripped away with low pressure. Once the drying period of 2-3 days has passed, the new stain can be applied.

Your deck is an extension of your home and for many families it is the main dining room and family room throughout the summer. Staining your deck regularly not only will increase its beauty, but will also protect the wood from moisture, ensuring that you and your family will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Power washing your deck is not recommended because the pressure can damage the wood, but more importantly a cleaner must be applied to properly remove any mildew. To remove the mildew and thoroughly clean the surface, we will scrub with a cleaner made specifically for decks. Finally, after ensuring that the deck has sufficiently dried, we will apply a high grade stain using brushes to ensure that the stain evenly soaks into the wood. Deck stain comes in a variety of opacities and colors to ensure you’ll love your deck for years to come.

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Making the most of outdoor living space is a trend with homeowners across the country, and it’s especially important for those who live in Inverness. Our mild climate and laid-back populace help to make sure that backyard parties ignite on a moment’s notice. When your neighbors drop by to thank you for watching their home while they were on vacation and your in-laws are in town for a visit, it’s time to fire up the grill and offer some refreshments. It’s for moments like these that you want your deck to shine.

Splash some water on your deck and see if it is absorbed into the wood. If so, it is time to add a new coat of finish. Sanding is most likely required if a deck is unprotected for more than one year. Once your deck is restored, it is a much simpler job to wash the deck and reapply the finish each year.

Staining a deck is easier than it looks when you know the correct method of preparation for deck staining and have the correct deck stain. Choosing the correct deck stain makes all the difference. Deck stains vary and you need to know what you’re working with. NorthCraft Deck Services has a good understanding of staining in Inverness. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different products or stains that are offered at your local stores. We offer skill and knowledge when it comes to completing a job for our customers.

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So how do we get our deck projects to look this good? Great question! It all begins with properly cleaning the surface. First, we start with a walkthrough; if your deck needs any repairs or replacements, we discuss that with you. Then we cut no corners in cleaning all of the old dirt and grime off the top, so when the staining process begins, the wood can absorb all of that staining goodness. As you may know, the cleaning process isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when it comes to wood. Do it improperly, and you’ll not only strip the old stain or paint, but you’ll gouge the wood, leaving unsightly imperfections.

Do I need to clean my deck before staining it?

Yes, it is essential to thoroughly clean your deck before staining. This helps remove dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and any old stain or sealant residue. Use a deck cleaner or a mixture of mild detergent and water to scrub the surface. Rinse the deck thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before applying the stain.

Why Do You Need Deck Staining Services?

Usually, we start your Deck Restoration with a good cleaning to get rid of all the years of dirt and grime. We then use professional-grade cleaners that can remove the stains and kill the mold and mildew living off the wood. Finally, we rinse everything away, (it's environmentally friendly by the way), we're left with a clean wood surface that paint or stain can adhere to.

There are numerous processes that can be carried out to refinish a deck. Knowing what level of result the homeowner desires is the first step to providing satisfaction. Whether simply cleaning off a winter’s accumulation of mildew and slime, washing and reapplying a stain to refresh a deck, or completely bringing it back to bare wood and refinishing it, NorthCraft Deck Services Company can help you with your deck. Oh, and if you have a arbor, we can help you with that too!

Restoring your wood deck, pergola or gazebo will extend the life and beauty of your investment. NorthCraft Power Washing and deck staining services will bring out the beauty that has faded over years due to the weather and foot traffic.

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NorthCraft offers wood staining and sealing that will protect and preserve your deck from the weather and UV oxidation. We use only the best products available to protect your deck while dramatically improving its appearance.

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