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Deck staining is an essential part of deck maintenance in Gilberts. With harsh weather conditions, it's important to protect your deck from moisture, UV rays, and other elements that can cause damage. Fortunately, we offer professional services available in Gilberts that specialize in deck staining. Whether you're looking to refresh the color of your deck or protect it from future damage, our professional deck staining service can help.

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Regular deck cleaning is essential for preventing problems such as mold and mildew growth. These issues can not only make your deck look unsightly, but they can also be hazardous to your health. Our professional deck cleaning service can help remove these contaminants and ensure that your deck is safe for you and your family to enjoy.

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We offer a full range of deck cleaning services to keep you new or existing deck looking beautiful. For our decks we always use top of the line products. We have an exclusive relationship with our suppliers to keep the cost down for our customers. If your wood is old or new, a fresh cleaning will always extend the life of your deck.

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"Whether your project is a deck, gazebo, pergola or a fence. NorthCraft has the requisite skills and experience to do the job right the first time.-GCEC"

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A good deck stain can revitalize your deck. Staining and sealing your deck not only improves the aesthetics of this treasured outdoor space, it also protects it from Gilberts harsh climate. Exposure to the elements causes serious wear and tear to your deck, tarnishing the surface with small fissures and cracks. Moisture and water slip through these cracks to cause rot both beneath your deck and on its surface. Quality deck staining services will help keep your deck protected while also ensuring that it looks as inviting as ever.

It is very important to have the deck completely clean before applying a stain. Any debris or wood discoloration will show through the stain and could ruin an otherwise perfect looking job. Some deck wash, a scrub brush and a little elbow grease will remove any mold, mildew, algae or other contaminants on the deck surface. A deck brightener is then used to remove any graying, tannin and nail bleeds, restoring the wood to its original beauty. A few days are then required to allow the deck to completely dry before staining.

Deck sealing or staining is just part of the required maintenance of your beautiful Gilberts deck. As homeowners we ask our decks to put up with a lot. In constant war with the elements, our decks endure the worst. By maintaining it with a quality deck sealer, you will have the peace of mind knowing that costly repairs aren't looming on the horizon.

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When deciding on which deck staining contractor you have perform the work you desire, make sure you carefully examine the other estimates as well as the contracts. If your deck painter specifically does not list the scope of work to be done and only provides you with a price, be weary of such painters. As you will find out when you call us for your next painting project, our contracts and estimates are thorough, detailed and professional.

Many new deck owners have been told to allow their wood deck to weather for 1 year before staining or sealing it. This simply is not true. The wood on your deck should never be allowed to turn gray. Gray wood on your deck is the result of the sun breaking down the natural glue in the wood called lignin. Pressure washing, staining and sealing your wood deck will prevent this from happening.

To learn more about the wide variety of options, customizations, and conveniences available with our deck staining in Gilberts, services take a moment to speak with our local, qualified professionals at NorthCraft. They’ll take the time to discuss your personal Gilberts deck staining needs in particular and help to supply you with all the information you need to feel confident about choosing deck painters for your homes beauty. Call (630) 489-6970 today to schedule a completely free at home consultation and estimate with your local Gilberts deck staining professionals at your earliest convenience. Your deck will look beautiful and perform beautifully.

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From recognizing and knowing what type of wood species it is to how to finish it best, an experienced contractor provides the best results. If you are ready to breathe new life into your deck, you can count on NorthCraft Deck Staining for beautiful, long-lasting results.

What is the benefit of having my wood deck stained?

Staining and sealing your deck protects the pores from UV rays, weathering, splitting and warping. It will also keep your deck from graying because of mildew. Unprotected wood will turn gray, grow mildew, and reduce the value of your property. We apply a protective stain to your wood fence, deck, arbor, or patio covered structure. This will not only protect your investment, but also enhance its appearance. Staining and restoring your deck will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Why Do You Need Deck Staining Services?

Ongoing maintenance is important to the longevity of your deck installation. Property maintenance services, such as the ones provided to commercial and residential clients through NorthCraft can be a great help to busy property managers. When you need deck repair and removal deck stain, cleaning and sealing in Gilberts, you can count on our team to get the job done right. We have many years of experience working with a variety of decking materials in the Gilberts area.

Staining your deck renews the life of the wood a good professional grade stain will get into the woods fibers and incase the wood with a protective shield that will not only look great, but extend the lifetime of your deck. A change in wood stain color breathes new life into your deck without having to replace it. Youll be amazed at how a new stain can revive the entire appearance of your Gilberts deck.

Depending on what look you are going for there are many different types of deck stains to choose from. Whether it is a clear sealer, a semi-transparent, a solid color stain or a penetrating oil we will help you every step of the way to choose the right product that will make your deck look great. We only use the best deck stains on all of our projects.

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We can stain just about any wood surface. Don't suffer the look and feel of faded or splintered decks or fences. Instead, hire the trusted team from NorthCraft Deck Staining to revitalize your property and improve your outdoor space. When you're sitting on your beautiful, freshly stained deck, it's hard not to have a great day!

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