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One of the benefits of hiring a deck staining service in Wheaton is the level of customization available. Whether you're looking for a specific color or finish, our professional service can help you achieve the look you want. They can also provide advice on how to maintain your deck after staining, ensuring it remains beautiful and protected for years to come.

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Regular deck cleaning can also help you save money in the long run. By removing dirt and debris from your deck, you'll prevent premature wear and tear that can lead to expensive repairs. Additionally, a clean deck is less likely to become damaged from things like rot or insect infestations.

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We offer a full range of deck cleaning services to keep you new or existing deck looking beautiful. For our decks we always use top of the line products. We have an exclusive relationship with our suppliers to keep the cost down for our customers. If your wood is old or new, a fresh cleaning will always extend the life of your deck.

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"Whether your project is a deck, gazebo, pergola or a fence. NorthCraft has the requisite skills and experience to do the job right the first time.-GCEC"

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Wheaton, Illinois (60187) is located in DuPage County and was established in 1831. Wheaton's nickname is Midnight Raid and their Motto is the heart of the business community. Visit their website at: Wheaton

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All homeowners can benefit from having a deck, but after the years go by, decks begin to experience negative effects mainly caused by weather. You may one day realize that your once beautiful deck is now faded, lifeless, and in need of some serious help. Chances are that your deck most likely won’t need major improvement that will cost you a lot of money. With deck staining and sealing services, you’ll have your deck looking as good as new in no time at all.

Dont live another day with that nasty peeling stain. Have your deck stripped and stained by the pros at NorthCraft Deck Services. Have a new pressure treated deck? Don't let it crack and gray in the sun. Safely and beautifully protect your investment with a staining and sealing treatment you can be proud of.

A major source of problems and complaints for all wood finishes is over-application of the coating. Many do-it-yourselfers believe that when it comes to coating, more is better. This is simply not the case and is particularly a problem for woods. For water repellant products, over-application can result in a surface which is overly waxy, sticky, or slick. Over-applied stains will often result in sticky surfaces, since the coating buildup interferes with their ability to dry properly. If you would like to have your wood last for years to come and look the same way it did when you built it, then having NorthCraft Deck Staining Services is the way to go.

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  • Deck Service
  • Deck Stripping
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Deck Water Proofing
  • Deck Sanding
  • Composite Deck Cleaning
  • Deck Staining
  • Deck Re-Staining
  • Deck Restoration
  • Deck Sealing
  • Deck Repair
  • Deck Painting
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Deck Maintenance
  • Deck Washing
  • Deck Stain Removal
  • Deck Techs
  • Deck Technicians
  • Wood Deck Staining
  • Wood Staining
  • Wood Restoration
  • Garage Door Staining
  • Garage Door Refinishing
  • Exterior Wood Staining
  • Gazebo Staining
  • Pergola Staining
  • Arbor Staining
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We have decades of experience in the deck building sector, and that includes all facets of decking like staining, repair, restorations, and maintenance measures. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our deck services. When choosing a deck painting company, you need to know you are hiring a deck painter who cares about you and the end result. Before beginning a deck staining and painting project, it’s important to evaluate the condition of the area you would like to improve.

NorthCraft Deck Staining Specialists understands how important your home and deck are to you. That's why we go the extra mile when preserving and refinishing your investment. With NorthCraft Deck Services you can rest assured that your deck, pergola, gazebo, or furniture will be properly stained and refinished to preserve its integrity for many summers to come.

Many high end residences and luxury properties use teak and its imported cousin IPE for decks, patios, arbors, railings, gates, stairways and pergolas. These architectural additions can be treated just like teak furniture. Sealing, sanding and restoration services can be done on site.

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Our deck staining and painting professionals are all background checked and drug tested so you can trust the integrity of the professionals working on your property. You can rest assured of our dedication to providing quality painting and pressure cleaning services, operating by a highly ethical code of conduct. From preparations to the finishing touches, NorthCraft is the deck staining contractor you can trust to get the job done.

When should I stain my deck?

The best time to stain your deck is in the spring or fall, when the weather is mild and there is no chance of rain. If you stain your deck in the summer, the heat can cause the stain to dry too quickly and not provide adequate protection. If you stain your deck in the winter season, the cold weather can make it difficult to apply the stain evenly.

Why Do You Need Deck Staining Services?

You shouldn’t just choose anyone for the job though, and it’s important to choose someone with the right set of skills and experience to make sure the job is completed the way that it should be. A non-reputable company should be avoided at all costs because you could end up paying money than you bargained for in the long run.

We believe that integrity and attention to detail are imperative to our success. We founded our business to address the needs of homeowners and businesses alike that were unable to find competent, dependable and trustworthy service providers. We believe we have met those needs and will continue to strive for professional results in all aspects of our services.

Keeping a wooden deck protected from the elements is crucial to its life. If the wood is not cleaned, stained, sealed, and maintained on a regular basis, then it will begin to turn gray, splinter, warp, and rot. All of which cost a lot of money to fix and take the fun out of having a deck.

Deck Cleaning Wheaton, IL

As with any coating project, the routine maintenance and cleaning of the surfaces will help prolong the lifespan. Simple practices such as yearly cleaning and tree trimming will keep unwanted moisture from sitting on the surface and protect your deck painting. Allowing mold to go uncheck will cause permanent damage.

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