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Deck staining is an essential part of deck maintenance in Aurora. With harsh weather conditions, it's important to protect your deck from moisture, UV rays, and other elements that can cause damage. Fortunately, we offer professional services available in Aurora that specialize in deck staining. Whether you're looking to refresh the color of your deck or protect it from future damage, our professional deck staining service can help.

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Regular deck cleaning is essential for preventing problems such as mold and mildew growth. These issues can not only make your deck look unsightly, but they can also be hazardous to your health. Our professional deck cleaning service can help remove these contaminants and ensure that your deck is safe for you and your family to enjoy.

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We offer a full range of deck cleaning services to keep you new or existing deck looking beautiful. For our decks we always use top of the line products. We have an exclusive relationship with our suppliers to keep the cost down for our customers. If your wood is old or new, a fresh cleaning will always extend the life of your deck.

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"Whether your project is a deck, gazebo, pergola or a fence. NorthCraft has the requisite skills and experience to do the job right the first time.-GCEC"

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Aurora, Illinois (60503) is located in DuPage County and was established in 1845. Aurora's nickname is The City of Lights and their Motto is A City Second to None. Visit their website at: Aurora

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A newly-cleaned home makes a dingy deck stand out even more. A worn-out deck ages the appearance of your home, making it the last place you want to have those summer barbecues. At NorthCraft, we have years of experience cleaning and restoring decks. Our techniques are safe, sustainable, and effective. We also don’t just clean. We bring decks back to life by staining and offering repair services, like securing loose boards or railing. If your deck could use some upkeep, reach out to us today to discuss how we can restore your deck.

If your deck is looking worn and in need of a little extra care, our professional Aurora deck refinishing services are the solution. At NorthCraft, your reliable deck painting contractor, we offer professional deck staining and refinishing services that are certain to renew the quality of your outdoor decks. Our deck staining and refinishing experts have years of experience dealing with decks in a variety of conditions. With proper wood restoration, deck staining and the application of a professional grade wood sealer, we will improve the look of your deck so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Just call our Aurora deck staining and refinishing experts today for a free quote and in-person consultation to discuss the specific details of your project.

Don’t compromise your health or anyone else’s with a dirty, mold-infected deck. Just get a refinishing. Professional deck refinishing from a reliable Aurora deck painter such as the team here at NorthCraft will not only make your deck look beautiful but also knock away the mold growth that develops over time.

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Staining and sealing protects the pores of your deck from UV rays, weathering, splitting and warping. It will also keep your wood from graying because of mildew. Unprotected wood will turn gray, grow mildew, and reduce the value of your property. We apply a protective stain to your wood deck, arbor, or patio cover structure that will not only protect your investment, but also enhance its appearance. Staining and restoring your deck will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Staining gives your deck a strong layer of protection against wear and tear. With the right staining products — prepared and applied correctly — your deck will last for many years. Each type of stain is designed for use on a specific type of project. For example, a deck stain is specially formulated to handle the foot traffic that is experienced on a deck. It is important to use a stain that is applicable to your project.

The other option for those who would love to maintain the natural beauty of wood is staining. We can help you attain a beautiful looking deck with its pristine natural beauty of the wood with simple wood deck staining. Wood stain is much easier to apply and is more affordable than coloring. However, the stain fades away much faster than color. We also provide wood sealing services. Applying a transparent sealant will help protect the wood from water while at the same time retain its natural look.

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Instead of taking on this task yourself, leave it to the pros at NorthCraft. We provide deck stain services to restore your deck to its former glory. Each of our team members knows how to properly prepare a deck before starting the staining process, ensuring a better result.

What is the benefit of having my wood deck stained?

Staining and sealing your deck protects the pores from UV rays, weathering, splitting and warping. It will also keep your deck from graying because of mildew. Unprotected wood will turn gray, grow mildew, and reduce the value of your property. We apply a protective stain to your wood fence, deck, arbor, or patio covered structure. This will not only protect your investment, but also enhance its appearance. Staining and restoring your deck will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Why Do You Need Deck Staining Services?

NorthCraft cleans and restores decks to look like new, and we want to make sure your deck is being protected. Your deck is under constant attack from surface graying from the sun, and water. Your deck may need a maintenance coat or reapplication to maintain the beautiful look and protection it needs. If you need a deck painter or stainer you can depend on NorthCraft Deck Services to help you get what you need right away.

Transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid stains are designed to protect without completely obscuring the natural color and texture of wood. As the opacity moves towards solid, less grain shows through the finish. In contrast, solid stains will completely mask the wood grain, while allowing the wood texture to show through.

However, an unsightly deck that is warped with rotting wood can actually decrease the value of a home or business. Wooden decks need proper care and maintenance in order to preserve the beauty of the wood. Since wood is easily affected by changes in weather, rain and moisture, it is important to protect your outdoor decks with proper staining and sealing on a regular basis if you live in the Aurora area.

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We have refinished hundreds, if not thousands of decks over the last 20 years. We are experts at restoring decks and helping you to preserve them for years ahead. Decks and fences will be washed as needed and in some cases stripped completely to obtain the best surface for all stains to adhere properly.

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