Using Deck Stain With Sand

By Jane Malham
Silica Sand Deck Stain

When a deck is in a high traffic area, prone to ice, or is just always slippery only a few options exist. A frequent question is if you can add sand to deck stain to increase the traction.

You can easily add silica sand to deck stain and it will add great traction. Some stipulations do apply. You will not be able to use sand with clear or semi-transparent stains. Sand can be added to solid stains by mixing the sand throughly in the wet stain before applying.

You can also apply premade traction products similar to the type you add on stairs. It comes like a sticker and you peel the backing off then apply it to the deck. Sometimes you might need to use liquid nails to make sure it wont peel up. Especially if the surface is not extremely smooth.

In conclusion you can add silican sand into deck stain to increase the traction.

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