Why Is The Deck Stain Still Sticky?

Deck Stain Is Still Sticky

Deck stain sticky after applying?

Staining your deck is not the easiest task as there are lots of things that can go wrong during the staining process. It could be that you applied your stain the day before a rainstorm or you could have over-applied your stain, leaving it sticky and tacky.

As a rule, when you make the decision to stain a large area, it’s prudent to invest in proper applicators like a stain pad, a paintbrush, or even some sort of sprayer to apply the stain evenly. Having someone help you stain will make the process easier and quicker.

It can be the deck stain is still sticky because it has not had enough time to dry. The Deck Stain should be allowed to dry for at least 72 hours before it is walked on, otherwise the stain will peel up and you will end up with uneven deck staining.

Give the deck approximately half an hour to really soak up all the wood stain and then go over it with a wipe to get rid of any excess liquid. You can use this opportunity to fix any runs or drips, too. If using an solvent based deck stain, make sure to soak all oily rags in water and lay flat to dry outdoors.

The main reason that decks are left with ugly, shiny marks is that the stain did not soak in properly and was left to dry. If you should find yourself in that situation, it’s important to know what to do.

After the drying, take a look at your deck to get an idea of exactly which areas have too much stain. It couldn’t be simpler to remove them, just grab an old rag and a bottle of mineral spirits lightly going over the affected areas.

In the very worst-case scenario, the spots might be a little more troublesome and require a stain stripper. This can be a tricky process so some people prefer the alternative – a sander or pressure washer.

When re-applying the stain, do not overapply. A good sign to help you realize the wood has had enough coverage is when the liquid has not been absorbed after 30-60 minutes.

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